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Let’s hear it for takeoff – sbaviators.org is officially launched and ready to start providing Santa Barbara County with its own dedicated aviation hub. This new website is by aviators, for aviators in our community.

As a group of pilots, aircraft owners, aviation professionals, students, and flying enthusiasts, we’ve long felt the need for a centralized online space to call our own. Somewhere to stay informed on all things aviation in Santa Barbara, connect with fellow aviators, share our passion for flying, and celebrate the incredible hobby and industry we love.

That’s the vision behind sbaviators.org. Our goal is to create an engaging and inclusive online home for anyone in the local aviation scene. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just getting interested in flying, this site will be a resource packed with useful content and ways to get involved.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s coming for sbaviators.org:

An Events Calendar – Never miss another fly-in, air show, seminar or aviation meetup in Santa Barbara again. Our events calendar will keep you in the loop on everything happening locally.

Airport Guides & Resources – Find all the relevant details, procedures, amenities and more for airports throughout the county. Stay up-to-date no matter where you fly to or from.

Discussion Forums – Engage in great conversations by posting questions, swapping stories, and weighing in on aviation topics with your fellow SBaviators members.

Pilot Profiles – Get inspired by featured profiles that spotlight some of the extraordinary pilots and aviation pioneers from our own backyard.

Industry News – Stay informed on the latest aviation news, both for our local Santa Barbara community as well as major developments nationally.

And that’s just our flight plan for starters. We’re relying on input from engaged community members like you to help shape sbaviators.org and make it as useful and rewarding as possible. Have an idea for the site? We’re all ears!

For now, bookmark sbaviators.org, follow us on social media, and help spread the word. The more local aviation fans we can get on board early, the more vibrant and dynamic this online destination will become.

We’re so grateful to everyone who has helped get SBaviators off the ground. Let’s continue nurturing our incredible local aviation community together through this new shared space.

Blue skies await, SBaviators!

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