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Our Story

SB Aviators is rooted in the rich aviation history of Santa Barbara, California. With a membership of over 250 aviation enthusiasts, our group is a testament to the enduring passion for flying shared by individuals from all walks of life.

Our members include private and commercial pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, instructors, flight school students, and flying club members, all united by a common love for aviation.

Join us and be part of a group that celebrates the spirit of aviation in every flight plan and runway touchdown.

Our Activities

We organize a variety of events throughout the year, including the popular Pilot Picnic & Fly-In, where members and guests can enjoy a day filled with aviation.

These events not only provide an opportunity to admire classic and modern airplanes but also serve as a platform for networking, learning, and sharing experiences within the aviation industry.

Why Join Us?

Being part of SB Aviators means being part of a community that supports and nurtures your aviation interests. Our events and activities are designed to enhance your knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of flying.

Whether you’re looking to connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts, learn more about aviation, or just enjoy the thrill of flying, SB Aviators is the place for you.

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Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date with a group that celebrates the spirit of aviation.

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And stay up-to-date with a group that celebrates the spirit of aviation.

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